The benefits of using an Interim Manager

Originally an interim manager was known as a ‘trouble-shooter’ or ‘company doctor’ brought in to turnaround companies in distress. Whilst this is still the case in certain circumstances, uk based manufacturing companies of all sizes are now realising the benefits of using an interim manager. Some of the major benefits of using an Interim Manager are listed below:-

Some of the benefits of using an Interim Manager include:-

  • Company Turnaround and Business Recovery
  • At a time of Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Acting as a  ‘change agent’ e.g. factory move, implementation of lean manufacturing or an ERP system etc
  • As a facilitator helping your business with an issue which your management team have had little or no experience e.g. gaining ISO approval or Investors in People (IIP)
  • Managing the transition to an out-sourcing strategy or offshoring your products
  • As a gap manager covering for illness, maternity or the time it takes to recruit a permanent replacement following a member of staffs departure
  • As an Interim project manager when your permanent resource is simply unable to cope with workload or time constraints e.g. New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • As a supplement to fast growth whilst your infrastructure is built to manage the ongoing workload e.g. Sales & Marketing
  • As a coach or mentor for a member of your team

Selecting the right Interim management provider is as important as the objectives of the interim assignment itself.

At Aster we try where possible to present a shortlist of 2-3 suitably qualified interim candidates for each assignment. The final shortlist will be made up of individuals capable of ‘making a difference’ for your business from day one.

In order to help us identify the right Interim Manager for your business, we need you to complete our client enquiry form which will allow us to shorten the process to finding the right candidate for your requirements.

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