TT Electronics IMS

Gary Allen, European Managing Director of TT Electronics IMS comments, “We had recently acquired the assets of a competitor and decided the business would be best served if we consolidated all manufacturing on to our main site in Newport.

This would involve transferring nearly 100 staff and all of the associated processes, equipment and materials necessary to support the sites’ customers. We knew that to simply ask our existing management team to take this project on whilst carrying out their main duties at the same time would not be the most efficient way of working so we engaged the services of Aster Interim (a company we had used previously when we had relocated our AB test business) to provide an interim relocation project manager.

Once in place the Interim Relocation Manager set about creating a very detailed plan and he provided me and my team with a weekly progress report for the duration of the project.  This allowed us to mitigate risks and also keep our customers informed of the changes that were happening.

Transferring additional work, people and equipment into an already busy facility was a challenge but I have to say it was completed 3 days early against the project plan and inside the financial budget we had set aside for the project.  Working with a professional interim manager had huge plusses for our business as it allowed us to keep our senior team focussed on satisfying customer requirements whilst at the same time knowing that we had someone managing the micro-detail of transfer.

I would thoroughly recommend using an Interim Manager and Aster Interim Solutions in particular”.