Northern Hi-Tec Ltd

Gary Hewitt, Managing Director takes up the story, “Our business has been trading for over 25 years. However, we felt it necessary to take a fresh look at how we both designed and manufactured products. The increase in global competition over the past decade has meant that our industry has been slowly ravaged by companies operating in low cost geographies and as a result we needed to find a fresh competitive advantage.After a comprehensive search, we selected Aster because of their excellent lean manufacturing credentials and their ability to offer us on site lean implementation support through their interim management division.

As a result of work carried out by Aster the productivity in one of our manufacturing cells increased by over 33%, first time pass rates improved by nearly 10% and all with 12% fewer staff in the cell.

After running the programme for 3 months we are very pleased with the results. Not only has Aster helped us breathe fresh life into our lean manufacturing programme but I also believe that they have given us further tools to fight back against low cost offshore competition – all by working smarter and not harder, which was one of our initial objectives.

We would highly recommend Aster to other manufacturing businesses”.