Change Management


“Learn to embrace change with a passion or become a dinosaur”.

Change is required by organisations (culture), people and processes in order to react to market pressures, competitors, globalisation and legislation to name but a few reasons,.

Indeed living with change and managing change is an essential skill for all managers. A manager has a responsibility to facilitate and enable change and then to help the team members understand the reasons, objectives and the process by which change will be implemented.

However sometimes change it is not embraced appropriately within an organisation either due to a lack of resources, knowledge or experience and as a result it is sometimes best to use a specialist interim change manager to advise on and implement the change on behalf of your organisation.

Aster Interim Solutions has identified a number of specialist interim change managers who have chosen to focus on change management assignments as a result of their own business skills and experience. We represent a number of Interim CEOs, General Managers and Project Managers all with a proven track record in change management. 

The use of specialist interim change managers is now common practice within the manufacturing sector, the change managers themselves responsible for projects such as:-

  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR) – where the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing processes are reviewed and improved upon. Business process reengineering is also known as Business Process Change Management.
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – where businesses need to maintain their profitability by delivering ever-higher levels of customer service and seeking ways to cut costs, particularly in non-core areas of the business. As a result certain functions are outsourced to specialist companies e.g. HR, IT, marketing etc.
  • Business Relocation – where it becomes necessary to physically move a business/organisation from one location to another.
  • Business Re-financing – where the funding arrangements of a business change or circumstances within a business change, it is sometimes necessary to change the banking/facility arrangements within a organisation.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Disposals – where in order to maximise stakeholder value and minimise liabilities, it may be necessary to engage a specialist to prepare for merger, sale or acquisition.
  • Management Buy Out (MBO)/ Management Buy In (MBI) – where it is sometimes necessary to utilise the skills of an experienced manager to both coach and mentor the ‘new team’ through the transitional phase.

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