UK Manufacturers use Interim Managers

UK Manufacturers of all sizes are starting to realise that using an Interim Manager on as ‘as required’ basis can have lasting benefits for their business.

For example Interim Managers with specialist skills e.g. ERP implementation, New Product Development, Health & Safety, Factory Relocation, International Sales etc are particularly useful to the smaller manufacturers who may not have the bandwidth or experience within their management team to take on these type of projects alone as well as doing their ‘day job’ and get them done efficiently at the lowest possible cost. Much better to bring in an expert on an interim basis for a period of time to lay down the foundations for others to follow.

Whereas, medium and larger UK Manufacturers which have a larger resource pool of talent tend to use Interim Managers differently typically engaging an interim to manage a department, function or site whilst organisational change is implemented. Indeed the Interim Manager may even be the ‘catalyst’ for change. The Public and Financial sectors have used Interim Managers for some time but UK Manufacturers have been slightly more reserved in their use but are now starting to appreciate the true benefits of using an interim professional.

What all of this proves of course is that professional Interim Managers can support UK Manufacturers of all sizes.