When to start looking for your next interim assignment?

Interim work by virtue of its nature is ‘interim’. As a result it makes sense to have a well developed strategy for looking for your next interim assignment whilst on your current assignment. By being acutely aware of what’s available and keeping your network updated with your situation is not being disloyal to your current client provided your self-marketing activities do not impinge on your current assignment.

Paul Wilson, Managing Director of Aster and himself a practising Interim Manager with over 16 assignments completed to date states, “Too many interim managers get lulled into a false sense of security whilst on assignment and lose the ‘hunger’ to look for a new role. This then results in a frenzied rush to find a new role at the very end of the current one. This is often too late.  A Professional Interim Manager should aim to have no gaps between assignments unless of course they choose this scenario based on lifestyle choices. As a result it is vitally important that you continue to look for new roles, hold discussions, attend preliminary interviews, make aquaintances etc whilst still on your current assignment. If you are good enough and make the right impression, sometimes clients will wait until you are available or better still will contact you with suitable assignments nearer the time you are available”.