Social Media and Interim Managers

Once upon a time it was a relatively straight forward task to find an interim assignment. However, the advent of the digital era has changed a lot of that with more and more recruiters now using social media to both source and partially qualify candidates for interim roles.  As a result it is now more important than ever for a career interim manager to have an on line presence.

Paul Wilson, Managing Director of Aster Interim takes a look at a number of the useful social media resources that he believes Interim Managers should now be using to keep abreast of available roles, news and topical debates.


I think it is vital that a career interim manager has a professional presence on LinkedIn. Your entry should be up to date, factual and substantiated by others via testimonials if possible. In addition, LinkedIn offers a lot of features such as allowing you to upload presentations, videos etc which are useful tools to demonstrate both interim experience and competence. LinkedIn also provides the opportunity to join groups many of which discuss topical interim related subjects providing answers to questions as well as advertising interim assignments.


Many interim management providers routinely advertise Interim assignments on their Twitter page. Therefore it would make sense to follow them and also retweet points of interest to demonstrate to the digital world that you are active in this sector. Make sure your profile accurately describes your professional interim status. Be careful what you tweet and which subjects you comment upon. If you manage to attract the Interim Service Providers that are of interest to you and they then follow you, it is also a useful tool for informing them when you are available for an assignment.


There are number of blog publishing tools available which allow you to create a Blog (short for Weblog) on your chosen subject. If you have the time and can deliver engaging content that others would wish to read then this is a valuable method of becoming an authority figure on a particular topic. It will raise your profile and invite comment and conversation from others with the same interests as your own.

You Tube

If you have the skill set why not produce a case study video (with your clients permission) to demonstrate the benefits of recent assignments. After all, a picture paints 1000 words.

To summarise, an Interim Manager looking to promote their skills and experience to the widest possible audience, should consider using the available social media resources to their advantage.