Skills required by an Interim Manager

Do you have these Skills?

  • Confidence – you must be confident in your ability to deliver in an unfamiliar environment where you have not got a lot of time to ‘learn the ropes’. Often referred to as ‘hitting the deck’ running.
  • Communicator – All successful Interim Managers are good communicators at all organisational levels.
  • Judgement - You need to be able to recognise and request help from others when you are outside of your ‘technical’ skill set.
  • Analytical – You need to be able to collect and analyse data quickly so a plan of action can be formulated.
  • Focus – Assignments are often time-based so it is important that objectives set are being achieved and ‘today’ represents your last success.
  • Negotiator – It is likely you will be required to acquire additional resources to help with the attainment of your objectives. You may need to negotiate for additional resources where others have failed.
  • Networker – Whilst on assignment you need to keep an eye on the future often looking for your next interim role whilst still carrying out your current one.
  • Self- Sufficiency – You may be required to work away from home.
  • Multi-Tasking – You will need the ability to ‘juggle’ many things at once,
  • Courage –The ability to speak up and make some potentially unpopular decisions.
  • Independence – having the strength of character to take an objective rather than a political stance is perhaps one of the interim managers major weapons.
  • Flexibility - An assignment very rarely pans out as you expect it will at the start, you need to be able to go with the flow.
  • Sense of Humour – You will be required to laugh at yourself at times, as not everything will go to plan.
  • Positive Mental Attitude – When others around you are losing confidence, you must be the ‘beacon’ of positivity.
  • Coach – Interim Managers often get involved in using their broad business experience to coach and mentor junior members of the team within the client organisation.
  • Credit Controller – Of course you need to ensure you get paid!

If you think you have all or most of these skills, you might want to consider contacting us because its likely you are going to have the required skills to become a successful career Interim Manager.