Do I have what it takes to become an Interim Manager?

Do I have the right background to become an Interim Manager?

Every week we get enquiries from people asking the same question, do you think I have the right background to become an Interim Manager? As a result we thought we would write a short article aimed at providing advise to prospective Interim Managers. It must be remembered this is only is advise and the ultimate decision on whether to become a career Interim Manager lies with the individual.

These are the typical things we look for in a prospective Interim Manager

  • Has the person operated successfully at a senior level in their discipline during their career?
  • Can they provide substantive evidence of their achievements?
  • How much relevant experience has the candidate got?
  • Are their skills marketable, for example some skills are more in demand than others?
  • Are they choosing a career in Interim Management for the right reasons?
  • Have they researched the administrative side of becoming an Interim Manager i.e. Limited Company, Insurance, Tax, IR35?
  • Do they understand the lifestyle associated with becoming an Interim Manager?

Clearly there are other things to consider and this is not an exhaustive list but it should give you some prompts as to the type of questions to consider before making your final decision. Other articles useful for interim managers can be found on the following web page.