The real cost of Interim Managers

The use of Interim Managers can initially be seen as an expensive option by some clients as it is ‘perceived’ their day rate is too high. However, this is often not the case as Paul Wilson, Managing Director of Aster Interim explains.

“Interim Managers are typically only engaged for between 6-12 months on a particular assignment. As a result they have very little time to make a difference. In some instances they are even following a permanent member of staff who had ‘failed’ in a role and there is also a requirement to ‘pick up the pieces’.  In essence, to find someone who can analyse a situation quickly, draw up a improvement plan and then implement the plan whilst taking the team with them is not an easy task. This is where a skilled Interim Manager can come into their own.

The type of person who is attracted to a career in Interim Management is usually a very experienced and motivated individual who thrives on challenges. Interim Managers are usually technically competent with strong people management skills enabling them to get things done efficiently. So what do clients actually get for their money:-

  • A Manager who can ‘hit the deck’ running – usually sensibly over qualified for the role, strongly self-motivated to achieve objectives
  • A person with strong analytical, technical and planning skills
  • Someone able to communicate at all levels
  • A person who through their strength of their personality can makes things happen and take the team with them
  • A person capable of objective thought without regard for company politics
  • A person able to mentor and coach junior staff to greater levels of performance
  • A Manager able to leave a legacy consistent with the company’s requirements

When you take into account everything an Interim Manager can offer a business then using a professional interim manager can in fact be a very cost effective solution, don’t you agree?”