Operate via a Limited Company

Career Interim Managers need to operate through a Limited Company

We believe it is very important for a career Interim Manager to operate through their own limited company. This demonstrates a serious,  long term commitment to the profession and also makes it easier for Interim Service Providers to deal with the interim manager from the point of view of tax and payments. In addition, it also differentiates between those people who use Interim Management as a ‘filler’ on their CVs whilst they look for permanent employment from those who have chosen Interim management as their career path. In fact, it’s the first thing we look for in an interim manager who applies to join our database. Don’t be surprised if we suggest you will need limited company status to join our database of career professionals.

As your business grows and you decide you want to promote your ‘brand’ your limited company status can become the focal point of a web-site, a marketing campaign or other promotional activity. It can be used to set you apart for others.

To compliment your limited company status, we will also ask you if you have professional indemnity insurance in place, something which is a pre-requisite in the ever increasing litigious society we live in today. There are many companies who offer this type of insurance policy, if you need any help sourcing this insurance please contact us at to:enquiries@aster-interim.co.uk”>enquiries@aster-interim.co.uk