Interim Providers must work Harder

Interim management providers need to work harder on their marketing skills for the sake of their sector as a whole in order to take full advantage of this expanding market, says Paul Wilson.

He states “I often attend networking events and I am regularly asked what my company does. There tends to be a respectful silence when I state “We provide interim managers”. Indeed even senior executives of companies ask, “What is interim management?” I get asked the question so often that it has caused me both embarrassment and caused me to re-consider our marketing policy and how best to approach our potential customers.

All statistical evidence points at a growing interim market sector where skilled senior interim executives are making a significant difference to manufacturing businesses the length and breadth of the country, yet this growth seems to be coming in spite of the relevant immaturity of the interim management sector. Imagine what could be achieved if we were able to get our message across to the senior executives of the majority of the UK’s manufacturing companies”.

Wilson continues, “We have cause to re-examine our marketing strategy. However I believe the onus is on our industry as a whole to make this sector more ‘visible’ to its potential clients. Some interim providers/organisations have already shown the way forward with their award schemes, training courses, strategic alliances with and sponsorship of trade organisations, but I still believe we need to ‘shout our message’ out louder.

We need to connect more with businesses at their embryonic stages, make relationships with business schools and offer the market place something other than just a financial skills service.

Watch this space!