Interim Management and SMEs

Many owner/managed manufacturing businesses could utilise interim managers and yet most assume it is not for them because of the perceived cost. In our opinion, this is a mistake.

It is highly likely that during the evolution of particularly a small family owned business that skills are required which are not immediately available from within the existing management team. Typical situations which might necessitate using an interim manager include IT implementation, business relocation, specialist finance/tax planning through to the development of a strategic marketing plan. It is at just such times that using a specialist interim manager either on a full time or more likely on a part time basis could lead to long term dividends for the SME.

Lisa Wilson, Director of Aster Interim Solutions comments, “We supply interim managers to blue chip manufacturing clients who have recognised for some time the contribution an interim manager can make to a department, site, project or organisation.  Manufacturing based SMEs have not typically used interim managers but we now starting to see a change and we are now regularly contacted by SMEs looking to use  an interim manager. Our experience shows us that where we have placed interim managers with SMEs not only has the incumbent interim manager enjoyed the role because they are that much closer to the ‘movers and shapers’ of the organisation but also their very presence has had a much more advantageous effect for the SME client than would be the case for a much larger organisation.

SMEs have very little ‘inertia’ to overcome whereas larger organisations can sometimes be hamstrung by bureaucracy and embedded working practices. As a result the Interim Manager can bring about change much more effectively when dealing directly with the business owners who are also the key decision makers. This can lead to a much faster financial payback for the smaller business when using interim managers which in some cases can be self-financing. When put like this it would seem logical that SMEs can benefit from using Interim managers just as much if not more than larger organisations.

Where this strategy has been employed I know of several clients who return time and time again to use the same Interim Manager for their skills on a ‘as needs basis’. This ensures the job is done quickly, productively and with a minimum of cost or disruption to the SME”.

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