Getting started as an Interim

First rule, don’t rely totally on interim providers to find your first assignment. Interim management providers tend to use a ‘trusted’ number of interim managers who they know from experience will represent their company in a professional manner. By all means register with companies like ours but you must also go on the self-promotion offensive at the same time.

Start by making up a list of companies and people you have worked with over your career. If you are lucky you might have 100+ names of people who may have an interest in your skills and experience. Contact these people by telephone or by a well constructed letter.

Explain what you can offer in a precise and factual manner. Try and get a ‘face to face’ meeting. If they are prepared to make time to see you it means that they are potentially interested in what you have to offer.

If the situation proceeds to a point where they are contemplating giving you an interim assignment make sure you don’t alienate them by asking for a day rate beyond their means or a length of assignment the objectives don’t warrant. Find a sensible compromise on both.

Remember the old adage- it is easier to find a job when you are in a job. Once you have your first interim assignment it will be easier to find a second and then a third as your reputation and credibility builds.

That’s the time when interim providers can really help!