Downtime or Hard Work?

One of the questions we are often asked by aspiring Interim Managers is how much downtime can they expect in any one year.

We asked our Managing director Paul Wilson for his thoughts on the subject. What is the answer Paul?

“Well it depends on your lifestyle, what your objectives are and why you are attracted to Interim Management in the first place. For instance some of our Interim Managers are semi-retired from corporate life and only really want to work for a portion of the year, or a certain number of days per week whilst others are keen to fill every available working day.  As a result I don’t really think there is a ‘one size fits all’ answer.

What I would suggest is that for those Interim Managers who are keen to keep busy and minimise any downtime periods it is vital they promote themselves in such a way as to make themselves more visible to the interim recruitment community. This might mean that periods of downtime are actually harder work than you might expect because there is always something to do. I have made a short checklist of promotional activities Interim Managers could engage in during periods of downtime”.

  • Attend Networking Events
  • Update your on-line profiles e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter and other Social Media platforms
  • Improve your CV
  • Search Job Boards/Resources for Interim Assignments
  • Re-connect with your chosen ISPs – arrange a meeting if you can, to ‘sharpen’ your skills
  • Write up some Case Studies or better still ask your previous clients or employers to provide some you can use as references
  • Contact previous clients, peers and colleagues to see if there might be any available opportunities
  • Review your personal development plan – is there anything missing from your skillset that you might be able to add by attending a training course?