Added benefits of using an Interim Manager

By their very nature Interim Managers tend to be ‘cando’ people who have operated in a variety of roles throughout both their permanent and interim career.  As a result they can often turn their hand to many disciplines, roles and tasks. This often means they are capable of adding value to the client far beyond the terms of the brief under which they were engaged.

Additionally, as many interim assignments involve the interim manager operating in a role in which they are sensibly over qualified it follows that the Interim can often add peripheral benefits to the client in a variety of ways.

One of the most common ways this manifests itself is in the coaching and mentoring of Junior staff many Interim Managers carry out whilst on assignment. They do this in an apolitical way, devoid of bias or agenda. This often allows junior staff in particular to flourish, build self confidence and show what they can do in a nurturing environment. As a result when the interim manager finally completes their assignment the team left behind is stronger, more confident and better able to meet the tasks in hand.