A week in the life of an Interim Manager

The week of a career Interim Manager often starts early, packing the car up and saying goodbye to the family on a Monday morning. Many Interims work away from home through the week or are required to travel extensively as part of their role.

Following what can often be a lengthy commute, the interim will arrive at their designated place of work to be greeted by problems and issues that need their immediate attention.  As an interim assignment is often linked to the completion of a set of objectives against a set timescale, there is no time to lose and the days meetings, briefings and walkabouts will be spent trying to engineer action out of debate by putting in place solutions to problems in weeks where others have struggled to do so in months and years.

Strategic alliances will need to be built and diplomacy, decisiveness and problem solving skills will all be tested to the limit throughout the week as the Interim ensures the action plan stays on track. At the end of each working day, a weary trek back to home or to a hotel is often followed by a couple of hours of emails or reports in preparation for the next day. A telephone call from family brings a welcome distraction from work and breaks the monotony of working away from home.

And yet there must be something that drives Interim Managers to want to continue working in Interim Management. Is it the financial rewards? Maybe, but I always remember what one experienced Interim Manager once told me when I asked what drove him on, he simply stated, “I enjoy the buzz I get out of solving problems and making things happen in an environment where I can use my independence and objectivity to state exactly what needs to be done and then implementing the solutions”.

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