10 benefits of using an Interim

This article explains 10 benefits an organisation can expect to achieve by engaging an experienced Interim Management professional on an assignment:-

  1. There is no recruitment fee
  2. Interim Managers can start almost immediately
  3. Interim Managers are normally sensibly over qualified for the roles they are asked to fulfil and as a result they can ‘hit the ground running’
  4. They represent a good return on investment often adding more value to an organisation than the total cost of the assignment
  5. Interims are non-political individuals who look for the root causes to problems rather than getting caught up in office politics or silo protectionist mentality
  6. They can offer peripheral benefits to an organisation such as staff coaching and mentoring as a result of their broad business experience
  7. They are often good communicators at all levels and a result are able to mobilise teams to attain higher levels of achievement
  8. Experienced Interim Managers have experienced a broad bandwidth of best practise through their various previous assignments and can therefore guide, advise and help to implement the various actions required to achieve the assignment objectives
  9. Interim Managers are motivated to leave a positive legacy so that it is likely your business will want to use their services again should the need arise
  10. There is no redundancy or exit cost to an interim assignment